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Zyka is new to Hamilton. We debuted our quality Indian cuisine made from home-grown ingredients in just under a year. Our tantalising dishes are distinctive in flavours and aromas as if cooked in India. For the most delicate to unwavering palate, we bring our own slice of Indian cuisine heaven to you. With our vast menu options, quality service, a wine and beer list to match, Zyka is the Indian restaurant in Hamilton’s CBD.

Located along Victoria Street, we are a stone’s throw from Centre Place shopping Mall and Waikato Museum. Why not dine in one of our spacious dining rooms after a typical town exertion. After your meal, you may like take advantage of our easy access to the embankment of Waikato’s popular River. Walk along one of the best scenic walkways Waikato has to offer.


In 2007, we opened the doors of our first Zyka restaurant in Auckland. In such as short time, we have achieved major success as one of the most popular Indian eateries in central Auckland often booked to capacity each weekend. The nature of our success is that we aim and continue to provide our customers with the best in quality service and tasty Indian cuisine.

With our ever-increasing popularity in Auckland, we considered opening the doors to a second Zyka. Our Hamilton-based customers suggested we bring our culinary skills to their hometown and we thought – why not! Armed with our plethora of delectable delights and enthusiasm to provide best quality service, we took a leap of faith and here we are Hamilton - right on your doorstep!